You can share any saved lesson through Google Classroom, whether it was created by you, a colleague, or even if you found it in our library.

NB Students or other receivers that open a lesson that is shared through Google Classroom (or as a public link), can open, view and modify a public version of that lesson. They are not able to save their changes, so nothing will affect the original lesson. Teachers that receive the link to a public lesson and are logged in, can create a copy of that lesson which they can then save, including their modifications.

Share with Google Classroom 

To share a lesson, follow these two steps:

  1. Make sure it is saved. When the lesson is saved, the Share button will appear in the toolbar.

2. Click the Share using Google Classroom button and sign in to Google.
3. Next, select the class to share it with and choose an action (e.g. Create assignment). In the following steps you can add more information for your students.

Please note: Lessons that you have shared with Google Classroom are publicly accessible. To revoke any access to the lesson, you can disable public sharing in the Lessons folder.

Tip: lock elements on your presentation that are not intended to be modified.

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