If you have used Gynzy before July 1, 2019, you had access to the 'old' Gynzy (based on Flash technology). All your lessons from the old Gynzy are made available in the new Gynzy. This article explains how you can use these lessons.

Finding old lessons

In the new Gynzy, you can find your old lessons and folder structure from the old Gynzy under My lessons (blue folder in the sidebar) in the folder Old Gynzy lessons.

Under Shared, you can find the lessons and folders that were saved in your school folder in the folder titled, School and subfolder titled, Old Gynzy School folder.

Using old lessons

To use one of your old lessons in the new Gynzy, you can simply open it. The lesson then gets automatically converted into the new Gynzy format 🧙. 

ℹ️NB Due to a significant difference in underlying technologies between the old and new Gynzy, converted lessons might appear a bit different than their original counterparts. Also, not all tools from the old Gynzy are available in the new Gynzy (yet). In that case, a placeholder will indicate which tool it replaced. At gynzy.com/ideas, we'd love to hear which tools and features you'd like to see in the new Gynzy.

ℹ️NB² Your old lessons will remain available at least throughout the 2020/2021 school year. You can open old lessons whenever you need them during this time 💪. During the 2019/2020 school year, your lessons and folders from the old Gynzy were synchronized with the new Gynzy every night.

Saving old lessons

If you would like to edit your lesson, you can save it as a new Gynzy lesson by clicking the quick save icon (1) in the toolbar and then clicking Save As (2). 

ℹ️NB³ Converted lessons can be saved in any new folder, except for the folder Old Gynzy lessons and its subfolders.

More info and questions

The new Gynzy offers a lot of possibilities. Learn more about the transition from the old to the new Gynzy:


Don't hesitate to contact us through our ? button in the sidebar or shoot us an email. We're always happy to help. 😄

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