The favorites (behind the yellow heart 💛) are your own set of content items (e.g. tools, templates, lessons) you use the most and like to have at your fingertips. They are accessible both in the board environment (on the toolbar at the bottom) and in the Gynzy environment (on the sidebar at your left). 

By default, we've made a preselection of items for you out of the most used tools for everyday use.

Pick your favorites

In the Library, you can mark any item as a favorite by clicking the little heart in the bottom right corner of the image. You can also unmark an item as favorite by clicking the orange heart (again).

Manage your favorites

If you open your favorites from the sidebar or from within the board, you can rearrange them into groups, by simply dragging items around. To delete a favorite, you can click the pencil in the top right corner and then click any trash bin. End by clicking the pencil icon again.

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