The new Gynzy offers a great deal of modern and improved features compared to the old Gynzy. In this article, we list the most improved features of the new Gynzy.

1. Undo and redo

You can now undo actions and redo undone actions using the buttons on the bottom-left of the board. Mistakes are no longer an issue!

2. Move and resize annotations

You can now select, resize annotations as well as move them around.

3. Group elements

Combine multiple elements to a group to manipulate them as one element: Select multiple elements by holding shift or dragging a selection box around them, click the options button () and choose Group.

4. Edit and manipulate texts

Edit a text block and manipulate its content with lots of improvements: e.g. spell checker, shortcuts, resizing, emoji and fractions.

5. Create shapes faster and with ease

Select a shape or line and drag over your board to draw multiple shapes quicker. Hold the Shift-key while drawing a line to create perfectly straight lines or angled at intervals of 15°. 

6. Crop and mirror images

Manipulate any image by cropping or mirroring it.

7. Set images as background

Create stunning lessons by setting pictures as a full screen background to your lessons.

8. Personal media library

All the images you upload into Gynzy are automatically added to your personal media library, even the images that you have copied from the internet or your computer and paste into Gynzy using Ctrl + V (or ⌘ + V). From there, you can easily reuse images anytime.

9. Autosave changes

After you have saved your lesson for the first time, any change you make to your lesson will be saved automatically when you change pages. You can easily turn this feature on or off.

10. Keyboard shortcuts

By pressing the ? on your keyboard, you'll get an overview of all shortcut keys that you can use to help speed up the creation process. You can also find them behind the ellipsis button (). Once you get the hang of it, you'll never want to go without hem 🤓.


NB. This list is far from complete, but aims to highlight the greatest improvements since the old Gynzy. Please also take a look at to see what's next on our roadmap and vote for features that you'd like to see!

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