You can now add students and create groups in your Gynzy account using the student manager. These groups will make it possible for you to utilize our tools like the Classroom Seating Chart, the Attendance Tool, and the Group Maker.

You will be able to access the student manager from the home page/library in the left sidebar.

If your Gynzy profile is not synced to a Google Classroom account, you will be able to manually add students and create groups. Keep reading below to learn how.

Note: You can access all students and groups within your school by linking your school in your profile.

Read this article to learn how to sync your Google Classroom account.

Create a group:

1. Click on the "Edit" or "Add group" button.
2. Click "Add group."

3. Write a group name and choose a group color.

4. Click "Done."
5. You will have the option to fill your group with students or go back to the overview to create more groups.

Add/Edit Students:

(Note: It is not possible to add, delete, or edit students from Google Classroom-imported classes from within Gynzy.)

Click on the X on the upper right corner to exit groups and return to the main page of the student manager.

1. Click on "Edit students" on the top right corner.

2. Click "Add students" on the top right corner.

3. Type in the student's first and last name.

4. Click "+ Group" to add the student to an existing group.

5. Click the blue "+ Add" button on the right.

You can link your groups so that they appear in your Gynzy account (e.g. when using our tools), or you can unlink your groups so that they no longer appear.

  1. Go to the Edit Groups page. (Click "Edit" on the left side of the main Student Manager page next to "Groups.")

  2. On the right side, click the blue checkmark next to the desired group. This will turn it gray and toggle the checkmark into an X. That class will no longer appear in your Groups.

  3. Click on the gray X to toggle the switch and link the group to your Gynzy account once again.

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