An assignment is a practice set of exercises or a test created for different lessons/learning goals that you can assign to your students. Students will then be able to log in to the student site ( to work on these assignments. An assignment can be used as an assessment, regardless of where your learning is taking place!


  • Mode: Practice or test

  • Creating an Assignment

  • Assignment results

  • Student view of Assignments

  • Finding Assignments

  • Status of Assignments

  • Duplicating Assignments

Mode: Practice or test

There are two types of assignments: practice and test. Teachers can assign multiple learning goals within one assignment.

In a practice set, students can choose to practice exercises for one learning goal at a time. They can also choose to complete all exercises in the assignment together, and the exercises from all the learning goals will be randomized. If students answer a question incorrectly, they will be given a second attempt.

In a test, the exercises are given in a specific order, without second attempts. However, students will be able to go back and check their answers before submitting their tests.

Creating an assignment

Creating a new assignment

As a teacher, you can create an assignment by following these steps:

  1. In the menu bar on the left side of the screen, click on the icon of a clipboard.
    This will take you to the overview of your assignments.

2. Click on +New in the top right corner.

3. Choose a Subject, Name of assignment, Assignment type, and select your class.
Note: we only offer Math as a subject at the moment. These settings can be modified or edited later.

4. Click on Add.
The assignment card is opened.

5. Click on Add topics to search through our curriculum and choose learning goals for your assignment. Be sure to check the boxes for each lesson you’d like to add, then click “Apply.”

6. For every learning goal, you may select if you want students to be given 3, 6, or 12 exercises. This allows you to choose a focus for your assignment.

7. When you are finished creating the assignment and you are ready to assign it to students, click on Activate.

The assignment will now be available to your students in their Gynzy Workbooks.

Note: After activation, you can no longer make changes to the assignment, except for modifying the name of the assignment.

Assignment results

From the assignment overview (clipboard icon in the menu bar) you can click on an assignment to view the learning goals/lessons chosen for that assignment. Here, you can also click on the Results tab to view your students’ results for that assignment. The students’ results are shown for each learning goal.

You can also view your students’ results by using the Monitor icon (the eye in the menu bar) button.

Student view of Assignments

Students can log in to their accounts at They will find their Assignments in the Gynzy Workbook. This article explains what students see in their Workbooks.

Finding Assignments

In your assignment overview (available via the clipboard icon in the menu bar), you can find all of the assignments that have been assigned to your classes. You can also see the assignments that your colleagues have created. Each assignment shows:

  • Subject

  • Class to whom it is assigned

  • Status of the assignment

  • Who created the assignment

  • When the last change was made to an assignment by you or a colleague.

You can find assignments in three ways: searching by name, sorting, and filtering. The orange circle shows the number of active filters that you currently have.

Status of Assignments

When you create an assignment, it gets the status of “Draft.” You can modify and edit all elements of a draft and the assignment is not visible or accessible by your students.

When you complete the assignment and activate it for your students, the status becomes “Active.” From that moment on, the assignment is visible to your students and you are no longer able to edit or modify the contents. You can only modify the name of the assignment.

When you archive your assignment, it gets the status “Archived,” and it is no longer available to your students. You can still check students’ results and can also modify the name of the assignment.

Note: Once the status has been changed, you cannot undo that action, as this may create an error in the results. In other words, an assignment that has been activated cannot return to the “Draft” status. You can however duplicate an activated or archived assignment to create a new assignment in “Draft” status.

Duplicating Assignments

When you want to reuse (parts of) an assignment, you can duplicate an assignment. When you duplicate an assignment, you copy the learning goals, assignment type, and class of the existing assignment, and a new draft assignment is created for you to edit and modify. To duplicate an assignment, click on the Option button (⋯) and click Duplicate.

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