Student view of Assignments

Students can log in to their accounts at There, they will find their Assignments in the Gynzy Workbook.

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When a student selects an assignment, they will see all the learning goals within that assignment. Assignments that have been started, but are not yet complete are marked with a “pause” sign (⏸) in the top right of the assignment icon. Assignments that have been completed are marked with a checkmark (✅) in the top right of the assignment icon. A student can redo practice sets multiple times. However, tests are marked by a black outline and can only be done once.

Starting a practice set or test

After clicking on a practice set, students have the choice to start on the entire practice or to work on specific learning goal(s) from the practice set. The student can pause the practice assignment by clicking the x in the top right. Their progress is saved and they can complete the practice at a later time.

If the student starts a test, they are not able to work on specific learning goals, but must complete the entire test. They can also pause a test by clicking the x in the top right. The progress to that point will be saved and turned in to the teacher. However, when they return to the test, students are only able to complete the test, but not return to the previously completed exercises.

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